End of the Director General's working visit on platforms

The Director General of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority, Mrs. AVOMO ASSOUMOU Paule KOKI took a round trip to all the airports and aerodromes of Cameroon. This time around at the North wherein she met with the Governor of the Far North Region.

While in TIKO, she observed that the airport area is invaded by the constructions and cultures of local populations. A commission has been set up to take charge of the rehabilitation of this aerodrome.

At the Douala Airport

The DG encouraged her collaborators to put in more efforts throughout this year 2017 with a view to achieving a reasonable level of compliance with the safety and security standards as prescribed by ICAO. In order to do this, the Director General urged all personnel on duty at the above mentioned platform to work hard so as to increase the rate of compliance with safety and security standards, which will have to reach 70% in each of these areas.

At the Bafoussam-Bamougoum Airport

It was in the presence of the Divisional Officer of Mifi that Director General inaugurated the building to house the gendarmerie station, while handing over rolling stock intended to reinforce the patrols, she equally solicited the support of all stakeholders in the safety chain in order to jointly fight against the occupation of the airport area and/or crossing the runway.

On his part, the Divisional Officer urged the local populations to contribute the growth and development of this infrastructure.

At Garoua Airport

Before paying a visit to the facilities of the Garoua airport, the Director General of the CCAA paid a courtesy visit to the Governor of the Northern Region. During this important hearing, the Governor expressed his appreciation for the security measures implemented by the CCAA. To this end, Mr. Abate EDI'I congratulated the CCAA for the considerable work carried out in the field of safety. However, he noted some concerns about the runway, the roof and the energy.

In response, the Director General reaffirmed her determination to enhance the presence of the CCAA at airports in the coming months and took due note of the Governor's observations assuring him of her willingness to address deficiencies.

Finally, the delegation led by the Director General toured the installations and buildings. Difficulties in staff management, coordination and implementation of security measures, data collection and operation were taken down during her exchange with her collaborators. The Director General commended the staff for the care invested on the platform and invited them to cultivate the effort.

NTYAM Ruphine Bernice MBANDEM


Translated by NDUKONG Glory Mushe