Negotiation of a new air service agreement between Algeria and Cameroon

Aeronautical consultations were held between the Algerian and Cameroonian parties on December 05 and 06, 2018 in Algiers to negotiate a new agreement on air services between the two countries.

The aeronautical consultations took place at the initiative of the Algerian Party whose national airline, Air Algérie, plans to open in the coming months a regular service between Algiers and Douala. In this respect, the establishment of a new air agreement was a prerequisite since that which was signed in 1974 by the two Parties is now obsolete.

After two days of negotiations for the Cameroonian side by His Excellency Joseph Claude MABFOU, Ambassador of Cameroon to Algeria, the two parties initialed an air agreement which includes provisions relating to the multi-designation of air carriers, aviation security and safety, and the free determination of tariffs by designated air carriers.


Both parties called for the signing of this air agreement as soon as possible to permit the designated air carriers operate in Cameroon.