Second annual session of the NCASC

A working session of the National Civil Aviation Security Committee took place December 28, 2018 in Yaounde in the presence of all its members.

The Chairman of the said Committee, the Minister of Transport, Mr. NGALLE BIBEHE Jean Ernest Massina assisted by his Minister Delegate and the Director General of the CCAA chaired the session.

This session follows that of August 6, 2018, which was essentially devoted to the presentation of the results of the Civil Aviation Security Audit conducted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in our country. During the said audit the ICAO validated the new organization of aviation security in Cameroon instituted by presidential decree which approves and makes enforceable the National Civil Aviation Security Programme in Cameroon (NCASP). The security audit also found Cameroon has reached a 70.96% compliance rate in security standards and 68.85% in its security oversight implementation.

Discussions between the different members of the Committee were centered on the follow-up of recommendations of the last NCASC, the Certification of the Douala Training Center as the Regional AVSEC Center of ICAO and the presentation of the report of the assessment of the threats in civil aviation security in our airports.

In his remarks, the Minister of Transport expressed satisfaction in the implementation of NCASC resolutions and invited all stakeholders to continue pooling efforts for safer Cameroonian skies, for up to standard and secured airports.

Moreover, certain difficulties that prevent the full implementation of provisions of the National Civil Aviation Security Programme (NCASP) such as land pressure at our airports, the behavior of some high officials and their escorts in breach of security regulations and the non-application of security measures by some administrations were examined.

To counter this, strong recommendations have been made to ensure that security measures in force are applied and respected by all on airport platforms.