Bafoussam airport ready to receive the delegations expected for the AFCON

Published: Thursday, 06 January 2022 14:56
The Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Masséna Ngalle Bibehè, made the observation on January 3, 2022 during the monitoring and evaluation mission, which he carried out at the airport in the company of the Governor of the Western Region and several other administrative and local authorities.
Indeed, during the evaluation mission of the conditions of reception of the sports delegations and the officials expected at the Bafoussam airport during the AFCON TOTAL ERNEGIES CAMEROUN 2021 carried out on November 03, 2021 by the Minister of Transport, 23 recommendations were formulated.
The working visit of the Minister of Transport therefore consisted in evaluating the level of implementation of the recommendations made during the mission carried out on 3 November 2021.
Thus, after the opening words of the Minister of Transport, the Director General of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority, Paule AVOMO ASSOUMOU KOKI made a presentation on all that has been undertaken to improve the reception conditions of the said airport. These included the branding of the airport (installation of banners, flags of Cameroon and countries competing) and banners on the main and rear facades, barriers, parking, window dressing, roll-up); the improvement of signage with the installation of a general indicative panel at the entrance of the terminal, various directional and indicative panels and ground markings relating to compliance with measures to combat COVID-19; the installation of the effigy of the HEAD OF STATE in a visible manner in the terminal; the fitting out of the passenger hall by increasing the number of seats; the optimisation of the air conditioning system and the installation of rope separators; the reinforcement of the health post; the setting up of a passenger transhipment device; refreshing the paintwork in the buildings; renovating the defective ceiling and maintenance work on the electrical installations; extending the backup power to the commercial loop; adding trolleys; ensuring hygiene and cleanliness in and around the terminal; reinforcing staffing; the diligence to ensure ground handling in collaboration with CAMAIR-Co and the ADCs (hostesses and technicians); the fitting out of a commercial space to promote tourism and products from Cameroon; the embellishment of the terminal with a floral decoration and the carrying out of a simulation exercise of simultaneous reception of two delegations of 150 persons on December 26, 2021 in order to evaluate the system put in place.
Following this presentation, the delegation led by the Minister of Transport visited the airport facilities, the departure and arrival circuit and the airport medical facilities.

At the end of the visit, the Minister of Transport declared that Bafoussam-Bamougoum is vibrating with the colours of the AFCON and that the airport is ready to receive the delegations. He noted with satisfaction the work done by the CCAA and congratulated Madame the Director General.
He also commended the collaboration that existed between the ADC, the CCAA and Camair-co throughout these preparations. He expressed his wish for all the parties to mobilise to give a worthy welcome to all guests at the Bafoussam site. A question of not deviating from the rule that our country is a land of hospitality.
On 5 January, the delegations from Zimbabwe, Senegal, Malawi and Guinea will step on the tarmac in Bafoussam. Let the celebration begin.