CCAA: Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority or Aviation Authority

Published: Thursday, 21 January 2010 11:48


The Aviation Authority is designated as the official name of the "Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority" with the acronym CCAA. It is a public administrative body with legal status and financial autonomy. The CCAA is under the technical supervision of the Minister in charge of Civil Aviation and under the financial supervision of the Ministry of Finance.

 It oversees the security and safety of civil aviation, planning and airport development; participating in negotiations with other governments, aviation agreements and ensure their effective implementation ; monitoring regional and international organizations in the concerned with civil aviation, including ICAO, ASECNA, AFCAC, ITU, etc.;  ensure respect of rules and healthy competition in the performance of airport activities; monitors the implementation of legislation and regulations relating to civil aviation; and ensure the maintenance of non-conceded airport infrastructure.

General Directorate of the Aeronautic Authority
Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA))
PO Box 6998
Yaounde, Cameroon