CCAA organization

Published: Wednesday, 09 December 2015 10:39

Directorate of Air Safety (DSA)
In charge of:
Supervising air safety
Elaboration and implementation of safety policies on:
- Skills and competences of aviation personnel;
- Accreditation of training organisation;
- Technical approvals and monitoring of transport undertakings, airline companies and other persons involved in the operation of aircraft in general aviation;
Elaboration of civil safety regulations…

Directorate of Security and Facilitation (DSF)
In charge of:
Oversight of the security and facilitation of civil aviation;
Implementing civil aviation security and facilitation control  policy, in conjunction with the Airport Operations Department, Airports
Command Departmentsµ and the Air Transport Division;
 Development of security and facilitation regulations;
Monitoring the implementation of international agreements on civil aviation security…

Directorate of Operations and Airports Commanders (DECA)
In charge of;
Coordination of activities not subject to the concession system;
Monitoring of the provision of ground  handling services not subject to the concession or licensing system;
Monitoring International Airport Command activities…

Directorate of General Administration (DAG)
In charge of;
The development and implementation of Human Resource management policies;
 The development and implementation of social policy;
 The management of jobs, careers and remunerations;
 The management of insurance portfolios;
 Ensuring the rule of law and the legal regularity of acts involving CCAA;
 The Examination of administrative and litigation appeals in general and concerning staff in particular…

Directorate of Financial Resources and Equipment (DRFM)
In charge of;
The development of the budgetary management policy;
The development and implementation of CCAA’s financial policy;
The preparation and monitoring of the execution of the budget;
The development and implementation of accounting policy;
The management of the CCAA’s asset insurance portfolio…

Technical Directorate (DT)
In charge of:
The follow-up of the psycho-financial execution of contracts;
The Technical preparation of procurement documents (invitations to tender), in liaison with the Ministry in charge of Public Contracts;
The Monitoring of procurement procedures (tender calls) in liaison with the Ministry of Public Contracts;
The Follow-up of CCAA’s litigation procedures in conjunction with the

Click here to download N00A 2016 CA du 11 March 2016 on the adoption of the new organization chart