Papers and documents

  • Visa Open or Close


    In addition to holding a valid passport, most countries set as a condition prior to admission of foreigners in to their territory the possession of a visa.
    To meet this requirement, you need to contact the diplomatic services, consulate or the country you will have to travel to.
    Obtaining a visa often requires a significant period of time (at least 48 hours to two weeks) between the initial application and issuance. Always think of making this move a month before your journey.
    The validity period of your visa depends on the legislation of the host country. If your stay exceeds this period, you can be able to extend your visa in the country you are in.

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    Health authorities in some countries allow you to enter their territory only after examining your vaccination health booklet. These are mainly countries in Africa, Central and South America or Asia. As is the case in Cameroon, a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever may be required from any traveler who wants to enter Cameroon and other African countries.
    Whether the vaccination is mandatory or not, it is strongly recommended to be vaccinated against yellow fever (validity of 10 years) for all countries where the disease exists or had existed tropical Africa and South America in the Amazon area.

    Moreover, vaccination against hepatitis A and typhoid are recommended in countries where hygiene is considered unsafe. As for the vaccination against hepatitis B, it is justified because of the large number of carriers of this virus in the tropics. Vaccination against meningitis is recommended for Sub Saharan Africa.
    Note that the vaccine may require several injections. A complete vaccination may take up to two months. In all cases, 10 days in a month will be necessary for one to acquire protection.
    Your doctor is qualified to administer all vaccinations except yellow fever which must be performed in an accredited center or health services authorized in airports. For the vaccination of your pet, ask your veterinarian or your transporter.

  • Passport Open or Close


    Except for travel within Cameroon, where the possession of an identity card is sufficient, a valid passport is required for Cameroonian nationals who want to travel out of the country.
    Some countries even require that such validity be effective at least six months after their date of entry and exit from their territory.
    Remember to perform the passport-related formalities (Possession, renewal, extension) well in advance as they sometimes require a waiting period.

    Never leave your passport in your hotel room or in your luggage. If you do not want to keep it on you, some hotels will accept the deposit in their safe.
    If you lose your passport abroad, contact the services of the embassy or consulate of Cameroon established in the country where you are staying. In case of loss, photocopies of the first pages of your passport will be useful, they will facilitate the search for diplomatic or consular services.

  • Documents for Foreigners (Residents) Open or Close
    For international travel, foreigners residing in Cameroon need to hold a valid residence permit or an equivelent document, not subject to any particular formality, aside the general police formalities at the exit from the Cameroon national territory. Indeed, the presentation of these items will be required upon return to Cameroon. Of course, foreign residents in Cameroon must also carry travel documents and authorizations required for entry into the destination country (passport or comparable valid documents, visa, vaccination certificate, etc.).
  • Travelling Documents Open or Close


    Although not considered as a travelling document, it is possible to move inside the territory with a national identity card. Also for foreigners (CEMAC included), passport with a proper visa is required.
    For some countries, vaccines are also mandatory (yellow fever, hepatitis, etc.); each performed vaccination being listed on a vaccination card. International and national legislation accordairlines the right to deny boarding to any passenger who is not in possession of the appropriate travel documents required for the journey (passport, visa, vaccination certificate). Indeed, besides the fact that airline may be should also bear the cost of repatriation (which it could claim the passenger).

  • Flight Tickets Open or Close

    It is a contract between the transporter and the passenger, even if it was purchased via a travel agency.
    It is proof of payment for his/her journey. A ticket is personal. You are advised to read the terms of this transportation contract, the essential part which is to be found on the reverse of flight ticket, on the jacket carrying the ticketfortraditional tickets or on your itinerary receipt for electronic tickets (expected to gradually replace traditional tickets), especially regarding the limits of liability in the transportation of people and their luggage under the Montreal Convention of 28 May 1999.
    It designates either the document entitled "passenger ticket and luggage check»or, henceforth, the electronic ticket issued by the airline or on its behalf. It includes the conditions of the contract, notices to passengers, flight ticket and the passenger ticket.

    The electronic ticket designates the travel memo (also called "Itinerary Receipt"). If it is a charter flight, the ticket is generally in the form of group ticket voucher.
    The following information is included on the ticket stud or Itinerary Receipt:
    •    The family name and first name of the passenger.
    •    The itinerary to be covered.
    •    The carrier code and flight number. Note that the transporter whose name appears on your ticket may not necessarily be the one that will transport you. The airline can charter another carrier, or make this flight in partnership with another company as part of a code-sharing agreement.
    •    The class or at least the code of the fare paid.
    •    The date and time of departure of the flight(s) to take.
    •    The booking status (OK Signifies booking confirmed)
    •    The amount of the fare, taxes and the payment method.
    •    The date limit when the trip is to start or end.
    •    The first authorizedreturn date, if necessary.
    •    The free luggage allowance; and,
    •    The date and place of issue.

    Against your ticket, or other documents serving as,and upon registration, you shall be given the boarding pass on which is your seat number figures if necessary.

    Stolen or Lost Ticket
    In most cases you will have to buy a new ticket. In regular flights full fare, a duplicate is possible at a fee charge, if it has not been used by someone else, due to its validity (so sometimes a year or 18 months).
    Whereas, in case of loss or theft of a ticket or chartered ticket or most regular tickets at promotional price or most discounted rates offered to the lowest this year, you have little chance of repayment. Do not forget to make copies of your tickets and notify earlier the company or agency, plus the police if there was theft.

    Transfer of Tickets
    As travel tickets arepersonal in principle, tickets issued in the name of a passenger are not transferable for the benefit of another person, except in the case of a company
    However, when the ticket has been sold to other ground services to build a tourist package, the original purchaser may, in case of unforeseen difficulties, transfer the whole package to another person without penaltyon condition of informing their travel agent no later than 7 days before the trip begins.