Promotion of Google Apps Collaborative Platform at the CCAA

Published: Thursday, 17 October 2019 19:19

240 personnel from the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) took part in a training workshop on the management of this virtual space from October 09 to 11 2019, to improve productivity and efficiency within a team.

This session, which was held at the CCAA Training Center in Yaoundé, aimed to give participants practical tips on how to take advantage of the Google Apps setting. It was a question of reviewing the planning of events via Google calendar, discovering the advantages of google drive, google agenda to gain efficiency, and sharing documents in collaborative mode to save time.

Over the course of the three (3) days of training, the trainer of the firm “Open Solutions” taught the 240 participants in 6 groups of 40 people; they learned about all the integrated products of professional mail more known on the appellation G-suite.

The simple nature of the pedagogical approach of the trainers, allowed learners to combine theory with practice.

In that way participants were able to carry out on-site video calls through hangouts, plan and hold meetings remotely. Ultimately, this training will help the staff to improve their skills in update their schedules effectively, the drafting real-time team reports, and share content with multiple contacts via a unique Group address, access files stored without an internet connection, etc.

It should be noted that this training falls within the framework of the continuous reinforcement of the capacities of the human capital as wanted by the General Directorate of the CCAA. And above all, it goes a long way to foster ​​"Novelty and Team Spirit", 1 of 5 company values contained in the acronym A.E.RI.E.N.