Air transport moves towards supervised commercial flights

Published: Thursday, 14 May 2020 09:41

The Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority has initiated a series of consultations with the ADC, ASECNA and administrations concerned with the processing and control of commercial flights in order to set up a safe supervision mechanism.

With the current pandemic, travel will no longer be the easiest thing to do. There will now be many changes in the processing of flights.

In this regard, with the imminent resumption of commercial flights at the Yaoundé-Nsimalen and Douala international airports, the CCAA and these stakeholders are in the process of defining measures to ensure safety and security at these airports and the smooth running of flights.

The measures will mainly concern the passenger and the entire circuit of the passenger from his arrival at the airport to his installation on board.

For example, on arrival and departure, it is clear that the passenger will have to be traced. This means that all potential travelers will be obliged to give all the required information about them before travelling. And, of course, a screening test will have to be taken beforehand. This will avoid the congestion often observed at the airport during operations.

In the long term, this will certainly lead to other measures to reassure travelers and the general public.

As at now though, all this requires the cooperation and understanding of all. As a matter of fact everyone must play the game, because the information gathered from the passenger will give a clear idea of whether or not you will be allowed to travel.

Of course, beyond the mechanism that will be set up, the passenger is always obliged to respect basic measures such as wearing a mask, and keeping a distance throughout the circuit.

After consultation with other entities, the mechanism set up by the CCAA and the other administrations will be explained and disseminated to the general public by the companies and all the stakeholders. This will strengthen the safety, security and the well-being of all during and after this pandemic.