SAGO 2023: Transport sector Showcases Infrastructure Development

Published: Tuesday, 01 August 2023 07:35

Transport infrastructure was the theme of the public presentation given by the Minister of Transport and the directors general of the structures under his authority on July 26, 2023, at the 12th edition of the Government Action Fair (SAGO) held at the Yaoundé Sports Complexe.


The public conference given by Minister of Transport Jean Ernest MASSENA NGALLE BIBEHE was themed "Development of Transport Infrastructures: Engine of Economic Growth." The Minister of Transport used the opportunity to present the significant development projects for each sector of activity, namely maritime, rail, road, and air, and their impact on Cameroon's economic growth.

At the conference, the Minister emphasized that "transport fosters integration and the creation of enlarged markets necessary for the development of a modern economy, leading to better use of the factors of production." Whether we're talking about roads, railways, ports, or airports, transport infrastructure plays an essential role in Cameroon's economic development.

The exhibition was also an opportunity for Mrs Paule Avomo Assoumou épse KOKI, Director General of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA), to present the major works carried out around the airports to bring them up to standard and to ensure the safety and security of the airport platforms and those planned for the Tiko, Bertoua, and Kribi aerodromes to be in line with the 2020-2030 National Development Strategy (SND). The SND's two axes in terms of airport infrastructures are the strengthening of the upgrading of international airports and the modernization of secondary airports.

She also mentioned the certification of Nsimalen International Airport in June 2021, proof that the airport's infrastructure, organization, and procedures allow it to operate in compliance with civil aviation safety standards. The Douala and Garoua international airports will follow in this certification pursuit.

The expected outcome of all this work will be to attract international airlines, which means increased services to Cameroon and better contribution to economic growth. They will also open up production areas through air freight, and create direct and indirect jobs in the air transport sector. It is worth noting that these direct jobs in the air transport sector tend to be more qualified and better paid, resulting in positive socio-economic spinoffs for employees, their families, and their communities. Another major impact could be felt in downstream sectors, with growth in economic, hotel, and tourism activities at the local level.

In addition to these advances, the CCAA has also put in place a continuous improvement approach to airport safety and security. And in terms of management, the CCAA obtained two ISO 9001 version 2015 certificates in 2021, which were recently renewed.

The CCAA showcased an exhaustive list of activities on its stand at SAGO 2023.