Awareness seminar on the preservation of land reserves of Douala International Airport and construction constraints in its surroundings

Published: Friday, 29 June 2018 21:22

As part of the project to secure Douala International Airport’s domain and under the distinguished patronage of the Ministry of Transport, the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority has organized an awareness seminar on “the preservation of land reserves at Douala International Airport and construction constraints in its surroundings” on June 20, 2018 at the SAWA hotel in Douala.

Chaired by Madam AVOMO ASSOUMOU KOKI Paule, Director General of the CCAA, the seminar aimed at:

-Uncovering the problem of land pressure ‘land use intensity’ existing at Douala International Airport;

-Present regulations governing the airport sector and the construction of buildings in its surroundings

-Incite adherence from all stakeholders to the concerns of civil aviation at the Douala International AIrport.

The seminar was attended by 53 participants representing the competent ministries, administrative authorities of the city of Douala, military authorities, real estate developers, antenna operators, construction companies, urban planning companies and civil aviation stakeholders in Cameroon.

A number of proposals were issued at the end of the working session:

-to continue raising awareness among residents about the illegal occupation of airport zones and to promote the culture of reverence for airports;

-to establishment a platform between the civil aviation structures and  land tenure for the harmonization of the Urban Master Plans and Land Occupancy of the city of Douala with the spatial constraints related to aeronautical servitudes;

-to broadcast aeronautical easement plans and the application procedure in the vicinity of the airport domain.

Franck AMOUGOU                                       

Aerodrome Service