CCAA managers on strategic retreat

Published: Sunday, 24 February 2019 03:07
Top Management staff and directors of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) have come together February 5-9 2019 in Kribi to reflect on a 2022-2035 strategic plan for the harmonious development of air transport in Cameroon and its implementation.
In a relaxed and friendly environment, the directorate general and manager’s works centered on the topic: "Development of air transport in Cameroon".
Other topics such as the development of the Training School, priority actions plans of the different structures and the cycle of strategic planning also took center stage. 
The Air Traffic Division (DTA), went on to present the state of air transport in Cameroon followed by productive discussions for its harmonization. 
At the end of workshop, a chronological sequence of actions to be carried out for the finalization of the project planning cycle was prepared and each actor  invited to train collaborators on the said methodology which must be implemented by all staff at the CCAA. 
Madam Director General equally invited the whole structure to be AERIEN.
Works were facilitated by project planning strategy expert Mr. BABISSAKANA.