Construction of the CCAA Training School: work’s progressing

Published: Wednesday, 28 October 2020 16:13

This future architectural jewel should be supplied in 2021 and will thus be added to the list of projects that are constantly raising the profile of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) in the subregion.

The front façade of the Training  School

Indeed, it is at the entrance of the Yaoundé - Nsimalen airport area that this imposing building is located. The structural work has already been completed and the finishing work is underway. This building, which will house the Training School (EFO) of the CCAA is composed of six levels (basement, ground floor, and four floors) and is built on a floor area of 4000 m2.

CHINA SHANXI CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING(GROUP) CORP, the company currently on the construction site, is carrying out the plumbing, electrical installation, waterproofing on the terraces, roads and various networks, tiling and the laying with Pouma pebbles on the facades of the building. Credit should be given to the fact that the installation of this precious stone from our mother country is done in a meticulous way and gives a particular shine to this building. A good example of valorization of local materials, in the Cameroonian building sites to be followed.

Layering with pebbles from Pouma in progress on the gable of the Training School

In the coming months, work will begin on the installation of doors and windows, curtain walls, painting on the walls and the construction of the definitive fence. The company has already ordered the equipment for the air-conditioning, electricity, sanitary plumbing, video surveillance, access control, and computer equipment that will be delivered in the days ahead.

This work launched in 2018 sufficiently demonstrates the vision of the Directorate general of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority to make of the Cameroonian civil aviation sector a reference in Africa. To date, the rate of progress of the work of this site including roads, various networks and site facilities is 46.15%. This percentage takes into account the additional work, subject of the amendment No. 2 signed on October 15, 2020 valued at 21.44% of the initial contract amount.

As for the Air Search and Rescue Center, it is a three-storey building (basement, ground floor and one floor) with a floor area of 1000 m2, which is also part of the contract awarded to the CHINA SHANXI CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING (GROUP CORP) company. It should be noted that the structural works of this building are being completed. Its execution rate is 57.99%.

The overall rate of progress of all these works is 46.83%, i.e. an amount of 1,526,983,588 FCFA HT.

The rear façade of the Training School

 Before long, the Training School will be able to play its pioneering role in the training of Cameroonian and African security partners. Training efforts, strengthened by the School’s Center in Douala, which is an ICAO certified AVSEC Center and the school itself certified Trainer Plus.