Gabonese Military officers visit the CCAA

Published: Friday, 26 April 2024 15:59

Fifty-eight trainees and a dozen supervisors from the 32nd graduating class of the Libreville Staff College/ Defence Academy visited the CCAA Training School in Yaoundé-Nsimalen on Wednesday 23 April 2024.


Successful encounter

On a study visit to Yaoundé, the trainees made a stop-over at this flagship of civil aviation training in Cameroon to get a feel for certain realities in the field, namely airport safety and security. The aim was also to strengthen cross-functional links with the CCAA through this school, to promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

They were given a presentation on the challenges of implementing airport security measures on the ground, with Yaoundé Nsimalen airport as a case in point. There was also a video presentation on the vision, training programmes and facilities of the CCAA Training School. In the end, a guided tour of the structure allowed them to discover the magnificent facilities of the CCAA Training School.

The day's presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session on several points, including the types of simulators and aircraft at the school, the function of the VOR and the other players in the safety chain.

Lieutenant-Colonel H Lestien, spokesman and Director of Studies at the Staff College in Libreville, expressed his satisfaction at the end of the visit.

The delegation, made up of trainees of 14 nationalities, was led by General MOUSSI Guy Panfil.