Installation of members of the CCAA's Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee

Published: Thursday, 02 May 2024 01:42
19 members of this statutory and mandatory bipartite consultative body were installed by the regional labour and social security delegate of the centre region on April 25, 2024, in the presence of the Deputy Director General of the Aviation Authority, Mr ALLABIRA MAMADOU.
Installation speech by the Centre Regional Delegate 
This act reflects the CCAA's determination to reduce risks in the workplace and thus effectively ensure the health and safety of its employees.
Under Article 8 of Order No. 039/MTPS/IMT of 26 November 1984 laying down general health and safety measures in the workplace in Cameroon, the members thus installed will be responsible for : 
  • Carry out investigations in the event of serious occupational accidents or illnesses, to determine the causes and propose measures to remedy them; 
  • Formulate suggestions likely to improve working conditions; 
  • Drawing up and implementing a programme for the prevention of occupational risks of the company's activities; 
  • Carrying out workplace inspections to identify potential risks to which workers are exposed;
  • Develop, maintain and foster a safety culture among employees.
By and large, the aim of the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (HSWCC) is to establish dialogue and ongoing consultation between the employer and workers on issues relating to health and safety at work, given that workers are often exposed to many risks in their day-to-day lives.
In this respect, the regional labour and social security delegate reminded the committee members of the need to get involved, and that of their representatives, in occupational health and safety activities to improve working conditions, increase productivity and develop a culture of safety in the workplace.
It should be noted that such a committee must be set up in any establishment employing at least 50 workers. The CCAA has nearly 1,000, working in a high-risk sector. 
The key members of the CCAA's HSWCC must therefore do everything in their power to eradicate or reduce occupational risks in the workplace.

The Deputy Director General, surrounded by the new members of the HSWCC.