Import / Export Agent, Customs Declaran

Published: Monday, 17 July 2017 15:38

Stays in touch with companies that send in goods (import / export agent).
Responsible for all customs formalities with foreign countries (Customs declarant).

It calculates tariffs, checks the documents required for import or export according to the laws and regulations (the import / export agent).

Required profiles and skills:
An excellent level of spoken English, business qualities and a good knowledge of legal texts are required.

Conditions of employment:
They both work in cargo-express companies.

A/Level + 2 years of professional training in logistics, for example a DUT in Logistics and Transport, an HND in Transport, or trainings of the Higher Institute of Transport and International Logistics (ISTELI).
Degree in law.

Pathways to employment:
In companies in charge of freight (airlines, freight forwarders, express freight companies ...).

Professional evolution:
Most cargo companies (airlines, freight forwarders, express freight companies, etc.) provide specialised in-house training and can often evolve into managerial careers.