Security agent

Published: Monday, 17 July 2017 15:21

Filter entrance to the boarding lounge, by searching passengers, checking their hand baggage, X-ray inspection.

Inspect technicians who access airplanes and X-ray luggage.

Required skills and proficiency:
Rigorous and attentive.

Conditions of employment:
The security officer works in airports.

A form four level could be sufficient. To practice, however, you must have completed a 56-hour training course, offered internally by the company or by private training centers within a few days. An entrance examination into CFA Camas in the field of ‘brevet professionnel Sûreté des espaces’ could be open to the general public.

Pathways to employment:
In specialised assistance companies and airports.

Professional evolution:
An evolution can be made for the posts of team managers or trainers: ENAC provides training courses for agents who want to evolve or other professionals as well as supervisors or air transport managers who want to be trained in the domain of safety: many more careers are developing in this sector day in day out. The evolution of the profession of a security agent can also be associated to other professions in the field of aviation, as a station agent, provided however, the individual masters English Language and has good commercial skills.