Air Transport Economics: the art of managing air transport

Published: Tuesday, 18 July 2017 15:56

The economy of air transport concerns all the managerial functions of management, in other words a profession whose basic training is on the management of air transport.

Training in this field of activity is focused on the principles of economics, operating modes, marketing and financial strategies, performance and human resource management in airline companies, and major issues and Air transport strategies in the future. They are awarded a Master's degree, which furnishes them with the knowledge essential for their full integration in the air transport sector.

To qualify for one of these specialized training courses, you must have a degree from a Management School or be a holder of a University Degree (Research and/or Professional Masters) in law (international, business ...), economics Or in management.

The pedagogical cycle of this training is divided into six (6) months of theoretical courses to be completed by a six (6) months internship program in a professional environment.

Masters training program comprises basically of the following:

  • Airplane and air transport system;
  • Civil, international and European aviation law (for the Francophone system);
  • Air Transport Economics;
  • Management of airlines (financial and commercial);
  • Airport management;
  • Operational and technical aspects of airlines;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Air cargo;
  • Air Transport and Tourism Activities; Air transport and the environment;
  • Air Transport Marketing
  • Passenger and Quality Service:
  • Ground handling, strategies, challenges and prospects in air transport.

Concerning the prospects and opportunities open to Master Degree holders in the domain of air transport management, it should be borne in mind that air transport companies face a complex and evolving economic, social and legal environment (deregulation, trade agreements, alliances, increased competition, etc.). As a result, many and specialised professions requested by air transport companies and administrations in this domain, are a reflection of the field in which they operate. However, at the managerial level, only large companies and civil aviation administrations are able to recruit many of the much-needed experts in law, economics or management.

Obtaining a Master's Degree in Air Transport Management is clearly a valuable asset to practice in this sector such as: Operational Engineering Studies, Marketing Research Analyst, Sales Representative, Business Controller, Ground Handling and Cargo Manager, Human Resource Management, etc. Many other exciting professions.