Flight crew

Published: Tuesday, 18 July 2017 18:19

First prepare the technical flight record (weather, roads, quantity of usable fuel on board for departure...), manages all texts and data communication links between an aircraft and ground control centers.

Ensure the smooth operation of the flight in conjunction with ground services (air traffic controllers, commercial, technical ...), crew management (co-pilots, cabin crew chiefs, Air and stewards) and respect the company's commercial rules in order to meet the expectations of passengers (service, punctuality, regularity ...).

Required skills and proficiency:

  • Meet the medical fitness standards: to be mentally and physically fit to practice;
  • Very good level of current spoken English; 
  • Decision-Making and Self-Control;
  • Should be rigorous and well-behaved;
  • Good physical and nervous resistance (staggered hours and stress to manage);
  • Age and diploma criteria must be taken into account, in particular for certain types of training;
  • Be a national of a Member State of the European Economic Area and to speak fluently in the French language.

Conditions of employment:
The pilots mainly work on board but also on the ground (preparation of the flight, briefing crew, involvement in the strategy of the company ...) with a schedule in staggered hours including weekends and holidays.

Composition of the crew, technical sailors and commercial sailors, is established for each rotation of flights.

The wearing of a uniform under a regulation is compulsory because the pilots officially represent the company.

Schedules are made according to the flight areas: short, medium or long-haul. They can include rest periods away from its base, jet lags and night duties, weekends and holidays. They may suffer irregularities in the operation.

To meet punctuality requirements, as well as to deal with operating irregularities, the B-license and a clean vehicle are strongly recommended for journeys to and from the airport.

NB: Airport Traffic Title is mandatory for professions in restricted areas (after airport security stations). This title is issued by the competent administrative authorities after a morality investigation. Any previous problems with the police and / or justice may lead to the non-obtainment of this title.

The National School of Civil Aviation or the ATO Approved Training Organization
We also invite you to consult the ‘site Pilote’ at Air France

Professional evolution:
At the beginning of his career, the flight crew occupies the functions of a co-pilot and can later evolve to the rank of a flight captain.